Ohio Man Creates Fake Police Facebook Page

An Ohio man was arrested for creating a fake Facebook page for the Parma Police Department. Anthony C. Novak, 27, was charged with disrupting public services, a felony. The Facebook page was created on March 2, 2016 and caught the eye of the police department. The agency worked with officials at Facebook to determine who created […]

Florida Man Robs Facebook Friend

Facebook is good for reuniting with high school buds and keeping in touch with distant relatives. Evidently, the social media site is also a pretty handy crime gadget as well.  When a Florida woman was robbed at gunpoint, she used Facebook to track down the thief. According to Palm Beach County investigators, the robbery occurred on […]

Montana Man Arrested After Liking His Own Mugshot on CrimeStoppers Page

Some people are too dumb – even for Facebook. A Montana man who “liked” his own mugshot on a CrimeStoppers Facebook page was subsequently arrested, authorities say. Levi Charles Reardon, 23, was featured as one of Cascade County’s Most Wanted in April since he had two warrants for stealing wallets and trying to cash fraudulent […]

Cops Nab Michigan Perp in Mid-Shave

A Michigan teen who was caught mid-shave by police is gaining fame across the globe for his unusual mugshot. Authorities say 19-year-old Codi James Antoniello (pictured) and a 16-year-old teen were both arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a pickaxe and a baseball bat. Unfortunately for Codi, Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him as […]

Ohio Man Responds to Own Mugshot on Facebook

When a crazy mugshot of an Ohio suspect turned up on a police department’s Facebook page, the man took the opportunity to defend himself. Willie Tatum III stuck out his tongue during his November 2014 booking session and Columbus Police posted it on their social media page. They told Facebook fans that Tatum had been arrested […]

Florida Dummy Caught with Smartphone After Taking Selfie

ORMOND BEACH, FLA. (Aug. 19, 2014 incident) — A Florida man who swiped a phone from a restaurant hostess was later caught when his girlfriend took a selfie of them with the stolen smartphone. The photo showing suspect Bryce Dolph was automatically uploaded from the smartphone to the victim’s computer, and Ormond Beach police used the […]

Shoplifting Selfie Suspect Wears Stolen Dress in Facebook Photo

WEST FRANKFORT, Illinois (July 18, 2014 arrest) — An Illinois ended who posted a photo wearing a stolen leopard dress on her Facebook page was caught by her stupidity, according to authorities. Danielle Saxton, 27, of West Frankfort, Ill., is accused of shoplifting from a downtown boutique in mid-July. After the crime, she had the […]

Michigan Woman’s Facebook Boast Lands Her in Jail

WESTLAND, MI (March 17, 2014) —  Since her DUI arrest in 2012, Colleen Cudney, 22, has been under strict orders to not drink alcohol. But, as humans do, she found a way around the law in order to satisfy her need. The only problem is she bragged about it for all to see. Cudney had […]