Wanted Florida Woman Ignores Police Standoff to Have Sex

Leanne Hunn mugshot

A Florida woman told police she preferred sex to surrender on Wednesday (Oct. 14, 2015) during a standoff with officers at her mobile home. Leanne Hunn refused to come out of a Jacksonville residence when SWAT team members showed up to arrest her and her boyfriend. Deputies were searching for 34-year-old Ryan Patrick Bautista, but […]

Massachusetts Man Arrested After Claiming to Be Rick James

Scott Taylor

A Massachusetts car thief claiming to be Rick James was hauled in to jail on multiple charges on March 18, 2015. The suspect’s name was actually Scott Taylor and he was 30 years old, making his claim hard to believe since the famous singer by that name died a decade ago and would be 67 […]

‘Good Samaritan’ Pastor Lied About Shooting & Robbery in Virginia

George Hunley mugshot

A Virginia pastor was lying when he told police he had been robbed and shot by a multi-racial couple after he stopped to help them with car trouble, authorities said. Pastor George Hunley, of Louisa, Virginia, has been charged with making false statements to police. On February 5, 2105 the pastor called police to report being […]

S.C. Shoplifter Shoves Baby at Worker to Evade Arrest

Linda Ganson Thompson mugshot

A South Carolina woman is accused of shoving her child and baby stroller at a Belk employee in Rock Hill to prevent her arrest for shoplifting. Linda Ganson Thompson, 46, of Lancaster, was approached by an employee at Belk on Dec. 4 for swiping jewelry and other merchandise and hiding them in a Belk bag […]

Idaho Suspect Jumps into Golf-Course Pond to Avoid Arrest

Nathan McCoy photo

ADA COUNTY, Idaho (July 23, 2014 arrest) – An Idaho man really tried the patience of police last week after jumping into a golf-course pond to avoid arrest. It took them 30 minutes, but Ada County deputies eventually fished out 21-year-old Nathan McCoy and arrested him. The incident, on July 23, began when McCoy told deputies that a woman had violated a no-contact order […]

Florida Couple Makes False Report of Kidnapping to Hide Drug Purchases

William Clifford and Tammy Landry

SARASOTA CO, FL (May 12, 2014) —  This is a case of crackheads doing crackhead stuff. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported that a couple was arrested last week for falsely reporting that they were kidnapping and forced at gunpoint to make purchases on a stolen debit card. Last Monday (May 12), 37-year-old William Clifford […]