Maine Woman is Just Having Arrest; Charged with Crashing Into House

Talk about an exciting evening.   Heidi Everson was so drained from her recent adventure, that she couldn’t even stay awake for her mugshot.    The Maine woman is accused of driving into the front of a home in Waterville Sunday night, May 31, 2015. Victim Steven Nye said he was sitting eight feet from […]

California High School Student Busted for Changing Grades in Computer

  A California high school senior was arrested May 13, 2015 for allegedly changing grades for 32 students using school computers.    Juan Ambriz, 18, is facing a felony charge in the grade-changing scandal at Dixon High School in Dixon.    The district superintendent said the student had been changing grades since January and cooperated with […]

Montana Man Arrested After Liking His Own Mugshot on CrimeStoppers Page

Some people are too dumb – even for Facebook. A Montana man who “liked” his own mugshot on a CrimeStoppers Facebook page was subsequently arrested, authorities say. Levi Charles Reardon, 23, was featured as one of Cascade County’s Most Wanted in April since he had two warrants for stealing wallets and trying to cash fraudulent […]

Cops Nab Michigan Perp in Mid-Shave

A Michigan teen who was caught mid-shave by police is gaining fame across the globe for his unusual mugshot. Authorities say 19-year-old Codi James Antoniello (pictured) and a 16-year-old teen were both arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a pickaxe and a baseball bat. Unfortunately for Codi, Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him as […]

New York Woman Gets DUI After Applying for Driver Job

We don’t call them dumb crooks for nothing. Terri Murphy is our latest example after police say she applied for a “Meals on Wheels” job while drunk. The New York woman didn’t help her case  when she got arrested for DUI moments after applying for the job in December, 2014, according to Fort Edward authorities. According […]

Montana Woman Slashes Husband’s Face for Peeing on the Floor

BILLINGS, Mont. (June 23, 2014 arrest) A Montana woman had her limits. Shery Lynn Downs was getting angrier and angrier with her husband last week. And when he urinated on the bathroom floor, she lost it. According to authorities, the 52-year-old Billings woman reacted by slashing her husband’s face. She’s been charged with felony assault. […]

California Car Thief Drives Stolen Vehicle to Court

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Early May 2014) — Timothy Frederick Knight may be dumb (obvious) but he is also very bold. But maybe we shouldn’t get too mixed up in our labels. “Dumb” and “bold” more often than not go hand in hand. In any event, Knight’s “boldness” was on display early in May when he […]

Bacon Connoisseur Shoots Up Michigan McDonald’s

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. (February 10, 2014) — Shaneka Monique Torres is very particular about her burgers. In fact, when a Grand Rapids McDonald’s goofed up her order twice, she expressed her culinary anger by firing a pistol at the drive-thru window, police said. Torres, 29, is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, unlawful discharge of […]