Florida Man Calls 911 When Girlfriend Won’t Buy Booze

Jack Means mugshot

A Florida man called 911 to complain that his girlfriend wouldn’t buy him vodka. Jack Means, 57, eventually confessed to the non-emergency prank, which started with him telling dispatchers that his neighbors were arguing. Apparently, he hoped to get police to his house so they could hear how his girlfriend was not getting him alcohol. […]

Florida Burglar Caught After Crashing Getaway Cart in Pond

Michael Hawk

A Florida crook was caught recently after crashing his getaway golf cart in a pond near the home he had just burglarized, authorities said. When police officers in Lady Lake were dispatched to a golf cart partially submerged in a pond, they quickly discovered the unoccupied home nearby had just been burglarized. In fact, the house […]

Serial Burglar Caught by Baby Monitor in Florida

Mark Lodigensky mugshot

A serial burglar who impressed police with his techniques in the 1980s was caught again by a simple baby monitor. Mark Lodigensky was caught for a burglary in Sunny Isles after the homeowner set up a baby monitor as a security system while she was away from home. The woman said her house had been hit […]

Florida Girl, 12, Arrested for Pinching Boy’s Butt

Breana Evans

A Florida girl found herself in jail after a school prank didn’t go over as planned. Breana Evans, 12, of Longwood, Fla., admits that she pinched a boy’s buttocks. However, she says it was all a joke. But the boy complained to school officials, who alerted the boy’s mother. The boy’s mother then asked to […]

Florida Man Strips Naked in Model Home & Walks Outside

Cecil Warner mugshot

A Florida man stripped naked inside a model home February 2016 and then walked out into the street, authorities said. Cecil Warner, 25, allegedly entered an unlocked and unoccupied model home in Jacksonville on Feb. 22, 2016 and removed his clothing. He then walked naked into the street. Jacksonville police say Warner raided the pantry and brought several […]

Florida Brother & Sister Steal Hundreds from Girl Scout

Delbrugge Winters

Florida siblings were busted for stealing cash from a Girl Scout who was selling cookies outside a Walmart store. Nicholas Delbrugge, 20, and sister Ashley Winters, 25, were arrested March 2, 2016 by police who were armed with video of the heartless theft. The 12-year-old girl who was selling cookies told New Smyrna Beach police that […]

Florida Man Marks 34th Arrest with High-Speed Chase

Sammy Luciano mugshot

A Florida man was arrested for the 34th time following a high-speed chase in Palm City. At age 39, suspect Sam Luciano has almost as many arrests as years on Earth! His latest came Feb. 21, 2016 when cops were looking for a stolen car and spotted the man driving 110 miles per hour. Martin County […]

Female Inmate Has Sex with ‘Jailer of the Year’

Tiffany Kemper mugshot

  No new charges are expected against a female inmate in Florida who hooked up with her detention center’s “jailer of the year.” Tiffany Kemper, 29, is alleged to have had inappropriate sexual relations twice this year with Jailer Barre Taylor, a Brevard County corrections worker who was named the jail’s best in 2013. She’s […]

Florida Shoplifter Leaves Behind Cell Phone & Pee

Brooke Sutton mugshot

  A heavy-duty shoplifter made off with thousands in merchandise from outlet stores but left behind her cell phone and a puddle of urine, according to Florida authorities. It was just enough evidence to track her down. Brooke Amber Sutton, 27, was arrested Jan. 29, 2016 and charged with felony retail theft. Cops recovered $2,100 in […]

Florida Man Punches Female Cop to Get Arrested

Daniel Dolan mugshot

A drunk Florida man was granted his wish to go to jail after punching a female officer. In his defense, Daniel Dolan asked politely to be arrested on Thursday night (Jan. 7, 2016) in West Palm Beach. He handed the woman his wallet and asked to be taken to jail. The officer told him he couldn’t […]