Georgia Woman Jailed for Naked Rampage in Waffle House

Jennifer Nicholson mugshot

A Georgia woman stripped her clothes and went on a food-flinging rampage at a Waffle House in Kennesaw in early January 2016, authorities said. Jennifer Mary Henderson, 37, was charged with aggravated battery, criminal damage to property and public indecency. Authorities say Henderson removed her clothes and then hit a woman and threw several plates […]

Georgia Mom Uses Brillo Pad to Clean Son’s Face

Veridiana Erbskorn mugshot

A Georgia mother thought it was good parenting to use a Brillo pad to scrub makeup off the face of her rebellious son. Veridiana Erbskorn, of Coweta County, Ga., is facing child cruelty charges after the 12-year-old son ended up at the hospital from her actions, authorities said. The mother defended her actions, saying rock […]

Georgia Woman Tries to Eat Crack Cocaine Before Mugshot

Linda Blank mugshot

  If this pig-tailed princess looks surprised in her mugshot, it’s because the Georgia girl just tried to chew up and eat a small amount of crack cocaine. Authorities say 48-year-old Linda Blank didn’t want to keep the crack cocaine from going to waste! Here’s how Blank ended up in jail: She was suspected of […]

Florida Shoplifter Leaves Bumper – And Tag – While Fleeing Cops

Devin Ramoe Stokes mugshot

Devin Ramoe Stokes, of Augusta, Georgia, was arrested after leaving a calling card of sorts during his getaway. In this case, the “calling card” was his entire rear bumper with license tag attached. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office,  deputies responded to a call at the Santa Rosa Mall about two men who had taken […]

Georgia Man Tattoos 13-Year-Old Boy, Brags About it on Social Media

Darius Hunter

A Georgia man was busted for tattooing a minor after showcasing his underage work on social media, authorities said.    Darius Hunter, 20, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and illegal tattooing. It’s against the law to tattoo a person under 18 unless authorized by a physician.    Clayton County authorities were […]

Georgia Shoplifter Caught Thanks to His Own 911 Call

Alfonso Aguilar mugshot

A Georgia shoplifter was caught when he called 911 on two Walmart security officers who were trying to stop him. Alfonso Aguilar called 911 to report “thugs were trying to take him.” Those thugs were actually loss prevention officers trying to stop him from stealing on Jan. 25, police said. Aguilar called 911 after running […]

Georgia Drug Dealer Dances His Way To Detention

STATESBORO, GEORGIA (Aug. 23, 2014 arrest) — A Georgia man who drew the attention of police with a dazzling dance routine in the city street was driven to detention when cops found drugs on him. Charles Kirkland, 20, of Statesboro, was seen dancing in the street and interrupting traffic Aug. 23 near Georgia Southern University. […]

Have Cowboy Hat (and nothing else on) Will Travel (or rob)

Ashdon Gibbs

JOHNS CREEK, GA (March 31, 2014) —  Johns Creek, GA, was exposed, literally, to a crazy cowboy crime spree on the last day of March. Ashdon Gibbs, 21, was arrested March 31 on more than a dozen charges which included two counts of burglary, trespassing, impersonating a police officer, and indecent exposure. And he accomplished […]

After 50 Years of Marriage, Georgia Woman Shoots Husband Over Affairs & Illegitimate Children

Annie Gaines

AUGUSTA, GA. (March 12, 2014) — After 50 years of marriage, an elderly Augusta woman shot her aging husband in the thigh early Wednesday after a fight, authorities said. Annie Gaines, 70, is accused of shooting 75-year-old Joseph Gaines at 2 a.m. Wednesday during a dispute at their home on the 3800 block of Old […]