Florida Man Calls 911 When Girlfriend Won’t Buy Booze

A Florida man called 911 to complain that his girlfriend wouldn’t buy him vodka. Jack Means, 57, eventually confessed to the non-emergency prank, which started with him telling dispatchers that his neighbors were arguing. Apparently, he hoped to get police to his house so they could hear how his girlfriend was not getting him alcohol. […]

Escaped Texas Inmate Hides in Girlfriend’s Dishwasher

A Texas inmate who escaped police custody while being treated at a local hospital was found hiding in his girlfriend’s dishwasher. Wesley Evans’ attempt at a “clean” getaway failed when someone tipped off Jasper police Wednesday (April 13, 2016) that the slender 20-year-old man was cramped inside the dishwasher wearing only handcuffs and boxer shorts. […]

Texas Man with Full Face Tattoo Beats Pregnant Girlfriend

  He’s got a face only a mother could love – and even that’s questionable. Jacob Pauda was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. Authorities say the Lubbock couple were at the man’s home Feb. 8, 2016 when he accused her of cheating and questioned whether the child was his. She denied […]

NY Man Orders Store to Fire His Ex … or Else

  A New York man threatened to shoot employees of a Home Goods store unless they fired his ex-girlfriend, authorities said. In fact, suspect Darryl Anderson told them he would blow up the Norwalk store Tuesday (Jan. 19, 2016) unless the termination took place immediately. According to police, the 24-year-old Bronx man called the store […]

Cops Nab Michigan Perp in Mid-Shave

A Michigan teen who was caught mid-shave by police is gaining fame across the globe for his unusual mugshot. Authorities say 19-year-old Codi James Antoniello (pictured) and a 16-year-old teen were both arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a pickaxe and a baseball bat. Unfortunately for Codi, Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him as […]