Texas Man Arrested After Refusing to Mow Lawn for 20 Years

A Texas man who stubbornly refused to cut his lawn for 20 years was finally arrested in early April, 2015. Rick Yoes, 58, of Grand Prarie, surrendered to Tarrant County officials on April 4 and chose to serve jail time instead of pay a $1,700 fine he couldn’t afford. He was sentenced to 17 days, but […]

Michigan Man Mows Lawn Naked, Neighbors Complain

BAY CITY, Mich. (June 13, 2014 arrest) A Michigan man was recently arrested for indecent exposure after neighbors complained about him stripping naked to moss his grass. Bobby Blodgett, 61, of Bay City, got area residents upset in May when he decided to cut his back yard in the nude.  A neighbor told officers that […]