Indiana Elementary Teacher Arrested with Meth in Class

Laura Nowling mugshot

A veteran teacher was arrested in February 2016 after bringing meth to her elementary school in Indiana, authorities said. Laura Nowling, 47, was identified during a drug investigation that started at her home, where two others were arrested. Cops found Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and marijuana at the teacher’s home in Scott County. During the investigation, officers […]

Indiana Grandma Covers for Grandson During Domestic Assault

Nancy Nicewander mugshot

An elderly woman in Indiana will join her grandson in jail after covering for him as he committed a crime, authorities said. Nancy Nicewander, 76, of Muncie, was the person who answered the door Jan. 30, 2016 when police were called to her home for a domestic disturbance.  She told officers that nothing was wrong. Later, […]

Indiana Shoplifter Steals Police Cruiser & Gets Ratted Out by Relative

Heather Johnson mugshot

  An Indiana shoplifter drove away in the arresting officer’s cruiser but was caught quickly when a relative ratted her out. Heather Johnson, 21, was cuffed in the back seat of a Lawrence police cruiser parked at local Walmart where she has stolen electronics, police say. When the arresting officer went to get something from […]

Indiana Boy Tattles on Drunk Mom During Traffic Stop

Audrey B. McColm mugshot

A 7-year-old boy ratted on his mom when she lied about drinking during a traffic stop last week.   Selma resident Audrey B. McColm was pulled over for erratic driving Monday, Sept. 14, 2015 and was asked by the cop if she had been drinking and driving. She denied it. “Yes, you have, Mom!” the 7-year-old boy […]

Indiana Man Dumps Urine on Teen

Charles Weatherford mugshot

This Indiana man was pissed. So much so that he dumped some of it on a teenage boy he was arguing with. Charles Weatherford, an 84-year-old Evansville man, was arrested after he got into an argument with a 13 year old over smashed bricks and allegedly poured pee on him from a second story balcony. Police […]

Indiana Police Recruit Ruins Chances at Job with DUI Arrest

Wesley Ryder mugshot

A police recruit in Indiana ruined his chances at permanent employment by getting arrested for drunk driving last week, authorities said. Wesley Ryder, a police recruit with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, faces termination after his June 4, 2015 arrest. He was stopped by state police while driving the wrong way on Interstate 465! In fact, […]

Ex-Coach’s Mugshot Published in High School Yearbook in Indiana

Matthew Carrington mugshot

High school students in Indiana caused controversy when they added a criminal mugshot of a former coach to the school’s 2015 yearbook.   The mugshot of ex-assistant swim coach Matthew Carrington was printed in the yearbook at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Carrington was fired in February 2015 after being arrested on child seduction charges. Authorities […]

Indiana Man Gets Stuck in Attic While Hiding from Cops

Steven Shuler mugshot

  An Indiana man tried to hide from cops in his attic and eventually needed their help after getting stuck. Steven Shuler, of Monrovia, was being sought on April 20, 2015 on charges of domestic battery and intimidation. His wife told authorities he wasn’t there and the cops left. Police returned the next day in efforts […]

Police Chase Cocaine-Filled Indiana Woman Who Had Kidnapped Daughter

Aubrey Coy

SYRACUSE, IN (April 13, 2014) — Aubrey Coy, 34, of Syracuse, IN, allegedly abducted her 5-year-old daughter on April 13 and led cops on a car and foot chase while holding her child. Kosciusko County investigators said that Coy was at her mother’s house on a supervised visit. When her mom went to the bathroom, […]