N.Y. Man Caught Driving While Claiming Benefits for ‘Blindness’

A New York man who was collecting worker’s comp benefits for “blindness” was caught on camera driving a car, shopping at the mall and exercising at the gym, authorities said. John Caltabiano Jr., 49, of Catskill, was photographed by investigators doing regular activities just days before his girlfriend escorted him into a courtroom to claim […]

Wanted Man Arrested While Seeking Job at Police Station

  A Michigan man who was wanted for sex charges in another state was popped while applying for a job at a sheriff’s department. John Wesley Rose, 25, initially applied in September 2015 for a job as officer with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. As part of the process, the agency conducted a background check and […]

Chainsaw-Throwing Thief Caught After High Speed Chase in Alabama

Alabama police caught a thief following a high-speed chase in which the suspect threw chainsaws and other stolen tools at the cop. According to Demopolis Police, an officer was patrolling on Jan. 8 when he heard an alarm at a John Deere dealership. He saw a white van leaving the store at a high rate […]

Child Porn Suspect Fakes His Own Death in Florida

A child porn suspect faked his own death in an effort to avoid prosecution, according to Florida authorities. John Charles Price, 49, of St. Johns County, was found and arrested last Wednesday (Dec. 3) by the U.S. Marshals Service’s Fugitive Task Force after he was found at a State Road 40 store. Price was released […]

Arkansas Shopper Urinates on Radio Shack Carpet

John Posey had an excuse for urinating on the carpet and merchandise at an Arkansas Radio Shack: “I had to pee bad,” he told cops. The 65-year-old man was arrested in November 2014 for relieving himself inside the store in Paragould, Ark, according to police. The suspect “smelled of intoxicants” and had his zipper undone when […]

Up-Skirter Nabbed in Florida Walmart, Calls it “Misunderstanding’

SANFORD, Fla. (July 17, 2014 arrest) — A Florida man caught sticking his flip-top camera phone underneath a woman’s skirt in July told police it was a “misunderstanding” and he had done “nothing wrong.” Perhaps John Henry Williams doesn’t understand something: Walmart has surveillance cameras of their own. The store’s cameras caught the 30-year-old perve […]