Arkansas Woman’s Mugshot Goes Viral as #PrisonBae

We’ve seen mugshots go viral before when the criminal suspect is a hot woman. It’s happened again, but this Arkansas woman has some serious charges that are certain to threaten her long-time freedom and ability to stay fashionable. Sarah Seawright was arrested recently for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, battery, hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. When […]

Florida Couple Makes False Report of Kidnapping to Hide Drug Purchases

SARASOTA CO, FL (May 12, 2014) —  This is a case of crackheads doing crackhead stuff. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported that a couple was arrested last week for falsely reporting that they were kidnapping and forced at gunpoint to make purchases on a stolen debit card. Last Monday (May 12), 37-year-old William Clifford […]

Fake Kidnapping Scheme Foiled When Mom Won’t Pay Ransom

KNOXVILLE, TN (April 18, 2014) — A Tennessee man who allegedly tried to extort his momma with a fake kidnapping was arrested last week after she refused to pay the $200 ransom. Zachery Logsdon, 25, of Knoxville, TN, allegedly sent his mother a text message on April 18 claiming that his drug dealer was holding […]