Sentenced: Oregon Burglar Who Was Found Sitting on Toilet

Ryan Cain mugshot

A Portland burglar who was found sitting on a toilet by the homeowner was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime. Ryan Allen Cain, 35, told the Oregon judge that he was on a three-day meth binge and didn’t remember dropping his pants and shoes at the victim’s back door before breaking into […]

Arizona Shoplifter is Abandoned by Getaway Driver

Terrance Crowley mugshot

An Arizona shoplifter with $2,000 of merchandise in his Walmart cart had nowhere to put his stolen loot after his getaway driver left him Tuesday (March 8, 2016). But Mesa police were waiting for him and happy to give him a ride. Terrance Crowley had gone to the store with two friends who waited for […]

Maine Woman Continues Stabbing Husband on Way to Hospital

Tracy Fleischer mugshot

An angry wife in Maine continued to stab her husband even as she drove him to the hospital for the first assault, authorities said. Tracy Fleischer, 34, of Augusta, Maine, was mad with her husband Monday (March 7, 2016) over something she saw on his Instagram account, so she cut him with a kitchen knife, […]

Controversy: Florida Cops Arrest 9-Year-Old Boy & Post His Mugshot

Christian Cantele mugshot

There’s a controversy in one Florida community after police arrested a 9-year-old boy last week for assaulting his sister and then posted his mugshot online. Lee County cops arrested Christian Cantele on Oct. 19, 2015 and then posted his mugshot on their website, which led to it being automatically published on a Facebook page titled Mugshots […]

Florida Woman Chases Boy with Knife for Talking to Daughter

Shakella Quinn mugshot

A playground fight prompted this Florida woman to grab a knife and defend her daughter’s honor. Police in Boca Raton, Florida, arrested 27-year-old Shakella Quinn on July 22, 2015 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and probation violation. The day before, July 21, Quinn and her daughter were at a local […]

Knife-Wielding Michigan Man Demands Victim Gets High With Him

Seth Lewis mugshot

  A man in Cadillac, Michigan, had a scary wake-up call by a knife-wielding intruder who insisted they get high together. The victim was asleep on his couch around 2:30 a.m. on July 15, 2015 when a man, identified as Seth Lewis, woke him up and allegedly said, “You’re going to smoke some weed with me […]

Texas Woman Threatens a Stabbing Over Weak Corn Dog

Charmelle Henry

MIDLAND, TX (Late April) — A West Texas woman was jailed late last month after police say she threatened store employees with a knife over a sub-standard corn dog. Police in Midland, Texas, said Charmelle Henry threw 75 cents at employees at a local restaurant and demanded a corn dog. When the 45 year old […]

Florida Woman Stabs Fiancé For Refusing to Go to Liquor Store

Melissa Bopp

FORT PIERCE, FLA. (February 7, 2014) —  A Florida woman is behind bars after she allegedly stabbed her fiancé because he would not drive her to the liquor store. Police in Fort Pierce arrested Melissa Bopp, 36, on Feb. 7 and charged her with aggravated battery after getting a 911 call from Cedric Henry. Henry […]