Maine Woman with ‘Stop Domestic Violence’ Shirt Arrested for CDV

A Maine woman who was wearing a ‘Stop Domestic Violence” T-shirt was arrested recently for criminal domestic violence. Emily Wilson, 38, of Sangerville, was accused of threatening her husband with a gun and shooting it in their bedroom during an argument. Prosecutors say Wilson was angry with her husband about an alleged affair. That’s why she […]

Maine Woman Continues Stabbing Husband on Way to Hospital

An angry wife in Maine continued to stab her husband even as she drove him to the hospital for the first assault, authorities said. Tracy Fleischer, 34, of Augusta, Maine, was mad with her husband Monday (March 7, 2016) over something she saw on his Instagram account, so she cut him with a kitchen knife, […]

Maine Woman is Just Having Arrest; Charged with Crashing Into House

Talk about an exciting evening.   Heidi Everson was so drained from her recent adventure, that she couldn’t even stay awake for her mugshot.    The Maine woman is accused of driving into the front of a home in Waterville Sunday night, May 31, 2015. Victim Steven Nye said he was sitting eight feet from […]

550-pound, Gun-Running Kingpin Can’t Fit Into Courthouse Elevator

Talk about embarrassing. A king-sized kingpin of gun-running in New York was to big for a courthouse elevator and had to plead not guilty in a basement room, authorities said. William “Wobbles” Soler, a 550-pound boss of an alleged Bronx gun-running ring was unable to make it to court Friday, May 8, 2015 because his over-sized […]

Maine Burglar Reveals His Secret Hiding Spot on Snapchat

A Maine burglary suspect was finally caught by police in March 2015 after being dumb enough to reveal his hiding spot on Snapchat. Christopher Wallace, 24, posted his location on the phone app and his fellow Snapchatters ratted him out to cops. According to authorities, Wallace stole several stoves from a camp in Maine’s Pierce Pond Township […]

Woman Arrested in Boston Marathon Scam for Claiming Foot Injuries in Bombing

A scam artist was captured in Maine and faces charges of submitting medical claims for more $20,000 for injuries she never suffered at the Boston Marathon bombings. Amey Malloy, 49, of Portland, was arrested Jan. 14 on charges of larceny and attempted larceny. Authorities say the woman collected $8,000 from One Fund in July 2013 […]