Miami Man is Candidate for Weirdest Mugshot Ever Taken

Keviin Gibson mugshot

We’ve seen our share of weird mugshots, but this man’s drug arrest might be the only explanation for his bizarre look. Miami police arrested 58-year-old Kevin Gibson for marijuana possession with the intent to sell Tuesday (April 19, 2016). His police photo shows him with an unkempt and bushy beard, but only on one side […]

Indiana Elementary Teacher Arrested with Meth in Class

Laura Nowling mugshot

A veteran teacher was arrested in February 2016 after bringing meth to her elementary school in Indiana, authorities said. Laura Nowling, 47, was identified during a drug investigation that started at her home, where two others were arrested. Cops found Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and marijuana at the teacher’s home in Scott County. During the investigation, officers […]

Utah Shoplifter Carries Pound of Pot During Theft Attempt

Denzel Jones mugshot

A Utah shoplifter brought along his backpack with over a pound of pot inside Thursday (Feb. 11, 2016) while shoplifting sweatpants at a Macy’s store, authorities said. Denzel Christopher Jones, 18, must have seemed really confident he would be able to get away with the theft at the department store in Orem, Utah. A loss […]

Oklahoma Pothead Wears Criminally-Bad T-Shirt in Mug

Vaughn Tucker mugshot

The mugshot of an Oklahoma pothead has gone viral. Vaughn Tucker, 23, of Tulsa, was charged with marijuana possession and other crimes in early February (Feb. 6, 2016) and appeared in a red baseball T-shirt that says, “I would cuddle you so hard.” The bearded bro spent several hours in lockup at the Tulsa County […]

Florida Pot Grower Hears Police Copter & Calls 911 to Surrender

Jasper Harrison mugshot

  A paranoid marijuana grower in Florida panicked when he spotted a police helicopter flying near his property. So Jasper Harrison called 911 and told them he was “the guy” they were looking for. He said he wanted to surrender without getting shot. Actually, he wasn’t. Edgewater Police were in the area Wednesday (Dec. 9, […]

Pennsylvania Man with Mushrooms Takes Magical Mugshot

David Kalb mugshot

A Pennsylvania man posed for the most magical photo last week after his arrest on possession of mushrooms and drug paraphernalia. David Kalb, 41, of Greensburg, was caught Monday (Dec. 7, 2015) with 70 psychedelic mushroom plants and other drug paraphernalia inside his public housing unit. Authorities came to his residence on a disturbance call and […]

Texas Mother Gives Pot & Booze to Middle-Schoolers at Sleepover

Mandy Wells mugshot

  A Texas mother provided alcohol and marijuana to eight middle-schoolers at a sleepover in November, 2015, authorities said. Mandy Wells got caught when two of the kids posed for an Instagram photo with a Hello Kitty pipe. The woman asked the children to delete the photo but she was too late since one of […]

Texas Cops Arrest Adorable Drug Kingpin

Sarah Furay mugshot

A Texas teenager is being called the happiest drug dealer ever. Just look at 19-year-old Sarah Furay’s mugshot, taken Nov. 6, 2015 after cops raided her apartment and found a ton of drugs. She looks a little too happy, doesn’t she? In College Station, Texas, cops responded to complaints she was dealing drugs from her apartment and […]

Woman’s Freaky Mugshot Takes Internet by Storm

Mara Paradox mugshot

The mugshot of a freak show performer has gone viral and taken the Internet by storm. Mara Paradox, 29, was arrested Sept. 20, 2015 for marijuana possession in Floyd County, Texas, which is near Lubbock. She was released from jail the next day but her mugshot picked up a lot of attention far after she made bail. […]

DUI Suspect Takes Selfie with Cop

Gilbert Phelps mugshot

  The smart phone era has officially encased itself in our society. Evidence is Gilbert Phelps, a 20-year-old Iowa man who took a selfie with the arresting officer as he was being booked for DUI. Phelps was pulled over for speeding around 2 a.m. on August 7, 2015 by an Iowa City police officer. According to […]