Sentenced: Oregon Burglar Who Was Found Sitting on Toilet

Ryan Cain mugshot

A Portland burglar who was found sitting on a toilet by the homeowner was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime. Ryan Allen Cain, 35, told the Oregon judge that he was on a three-day meth binge and didn’t remember dropping his pants and shoes at the victim’s back door before breaking into […]

Indiana Elementary Teacher Arrested with Meth in Class

Laura Nowling mugshot

A veteran teacher was arrested in February 2016 after bringing meth to her elementary school in Indiana, authorities said. Laura Nowling, 47, was identified during a drug investigation that started at her home, where two others were arrested. Cops found Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and marijuana at the teacher’s home in Scott County. During the investigation, officers […]

Texas Meth Suspect Wears Anti-Drug T-Shirt in Mugshot

Adrian Pounders mugshot

Meth suspect Adrian Pounders was pictured in his mugshot with an anti-drug T-shirt that reads, “Don’t Meth With Me.” Isn’t it ironic? The Texas man was taken into custody when Crockett police raised his home on Jan. 3, 2016. Cops had been tipped off that illegal drugs were located in the home and they recovered […]

Florida Woman Eats Entire Meal While Riding Around on Walmart Cart

Josseleen Lopez mugshot

A Florida woman ate sushi, cinnamon rolls and most of a rotisserie chicken while drinking wine and driving a motorized shopping cart around a Walmart store, authorities said. A loss prevention officer noticed Josseleen Lopez acting suspiciously at the Lecanto Walmart on Dec. 29, 2015. The security guard spotted a half-empty bottle of wine in […]

Texas Cops Arrest Adorable Drug Kingpin

Sarah Furay mugshot

A Texas teenager is being called the happiest drug dealer ever. Just look at 19-year-old Sarah Furay’s mugshot, taken Nov. 6, 2015 after cops raided her apartment and found a ton of drugs. She looks a little too happy, doesn’t she? In College Station, Texas, cops responded to complaints she was dealing drugs from her apartment and […]

Colorado Cops Find 16 Pounds of Meth After Suspect Calls 911

Potzler and Elguezabal mugshots

Police in Fort Morgan, Colo., say they found 16 pounds of methamphetamine in a car after one of the accused called 911. According to media reports, Jonathan Potzler, 28, called 911 on July 11, 2015 saying he was in a local Walmart parking lot and a woman he did not know was refusing to get out […]

Texas Woman Arrested After Bringing Meth to Police Department

Stephanie Brown mugshot

A Texas woman went to her local police department March 10, 2015 to speak about a neighborhood disturbance. And she brought her meth along! Stephanie Shalice Brown, 21, entered the Bellmead Police Department that Tuesday to discuss an argument in which she was pushed by someone else. But officers couldn’t help but notice Brown was nervous and […]

Oregon Meth-Head Uses ‘Black Friday’ Crowd to Shoplift

Jacqueline Day Underwood mugshot

An Oregon shoplifter tried to roll out a cartful of stolen merchandise by hiding in a crowd of Black Friday shoppers in November 2014 in Oregon. It didn’t work. In a moment of non-surprise, 35-year-old Jacqueline Underwood was found in possession of methamphetamine after her stunt at a Fred Meyer store in Corvallis, Ore., authorities said. She […]

Chicago Man Tries to Break Bad Wearing a Breaking Bad T-Shirt

Daniel Kowalski

CHICAGO, IL. (February 17, 2014) – Oh, the ironic justice! A Chicago man busted recently for running a meth lab was wearing a “Los Pollos Hermanos” t-shirt when he was booked. Daniel Kowalski, 21, was arrested at his LaGrange Highlands, Ill., home on Feb. 17 after law enforcement received a tip that he may be […]