W.V. Woman Beats Son Over Wrong Burrito Order

Loretta Armstrong mugshot

A West Virginia mom took her lunch cravings so seriously that she beat her son when he got her Taco Bell order wrong. Loretta Armstrong, 48, of Milton, was charged with felony child abuse for allegedly hitting her son in the face. She started assaulting him after realizing he got the toppings wrong. Even worse, […]

Florida Mom Arrested for Encouraging Daughter to Fight Girl

Tanzania Brazel mugshot

  A Florida mom blocked a school bus from leaving a bus stop and then encouraged her 9-year-old daughter to fight a classmate, authorities said, Tanzania Brazel, of Daytona Beach, was arrested Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015 on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child abuse. Police say Brazel’s daughter ran home from […]

Indiana Boy Tattles on Drunk Mom During Traffic Stop

Audrey B. McColm mugshot

A 7-year-old boy ratted on his mom when she lied about drinking during a traffic stop last week.   Selma resident Audrey B. McColm was pulled over for erratic driving Monday, Sept. 14, 2015 and was asked by the cop if she had been drinking and driving. She denied it. “Yes, you have, Mom!” the 7-year-old boy […]

Connecticut Mom Hides Heroin in 3-Year-Old’s Pocket During Traffic Stop

Ingrid Walczyk mugshot

A Connecticut mother tried to outsmart police during a traffic stop Friday,  March 6, 2015 by stashing 14 bags of heroin in her 3-year-old’s pocket, authorities said. Ingrid Walczyk, 29, was stopped by West Hartford police with her children in the back seat, ages 3 and 6. Her husband, 32-year-old William Kulas, was also in the […]

Florida Mom Drives with Son on Hood of Car

Tojuana Lowe mugshot

This lady ain’t winning any award for mother of the year. Florida mom Tojuana Lowe was charged recently with child abuse after police say she drove off with her son on top of her vehicle. Early January 2015, Winter Springs officer spotted a juvenile on top of the woman’s black Mazda. After she pulled over, the […]

Pennsylvania Mom Gives Toddler Sippy Cup with Vodka

Jessica Bachmaier

ERIE, Pa. (June 18, 2014) A Pennsylvania mother was arrested June 18 for allegedly giving her 13-month-old daughter a sippy cup filled with vodka, authorities said. Jessica Bachmaier, 26, showed up at a hospital in May with her drunk toddler, and the child was hospitalized with a blood-alcohol content of 0.289 percent. That’s more than […]

Florida Woman Dumps Mom from Wheelchair

Patricia Tavernier

TAVARES, Fla. (May 23, 2014) – Over five decades of building resentment spilled over last month when a woman celebrating her birthday dumped her elderly mother out of her wheelchair. Police in Tavares, Florida, say that Patricia Tavernier was celebrating her 52nd birthday on May 23rd at Ruby Street Grille. As she emerged with family […]

Fake Kidnapping Scheme Foiled When Mom Won’t Pay Ransom

Zachery Logsdon

KNOXVILLE, TN (April 18, 2014) — A Tennessee man who allegedly tried to extort his momma with a fake kidnapping was arrested last week after she refused to pay the $200 ransom. Zachery Logsdon, 25, of Knoxville, TN, allegedly sent his mother a text message on April 18 claiming that his drug dealer was holding […]

New Mexico Woman Beats Mom With Vibrator

Cara Claffy

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (March 2, 2014) – Crime- Assault. Weapon- Vibrator. Sheryl Claffy was having a nice evening at home watching TV with her daughter when sparks started to fly. According to the 60-year-old mom, they started arguing and her daughter, Cara Claffy, allegedly grabbed a vibrator and hit her mother over the head. Sheryl says […]