Wanna-Be Burglar Gets Stuck in Chimney in Iowa … Naked!

Jordan Lodignesky mugshot

An Iowa man was naked when he got caught in the chimney of a recycling business last week, authorities said. Jordan Kajewski, 29, claimed he was playing hide and seek with his cousin Wednesday (May 18, 2016) when the accident happened, according to authorities.. The business owner told his wife he was hearing ghosts while […]

Florida Man Strips Naked in Model Home & Walks Outside

Cecil Warner mugshot

A Florida man stripped naked inside a model home February 2016 and then walked out into the street, authorities said. Cecil Warner, 25, allegedly entered an unlocked and unoccupied model home in Jacksonville on Feb. 22, 2016 and removed his clothing. He then walked naked into the street. Jacksonville police say Warner raided the pantry and brought several […]

Man Walks Around Nude at Tennessee Airport

Eric Cherry mugshot

A nude man tried buying an airline ticket at Nashville International Airport before being arrested, authorities said. Eric Cherry was arrested for indecent exposure when an officer caught him at the American Airlines desk. Authorities say the man attempted to purchase an airline ticket before cops grabbed him and took him to his car to get […]

Ohio Couple on Alcohol-Fueled Night of Mayhem

Alexandria Mauer mugshot

An Ohio couple was arrested June 2015 after allegedly driving on curbs, hanging out naked, and urinating in the back of a cop car. Bay Village police say they received a report early June 20, 2015 about a naked man and woman outside a car in a parking lot. A witness said the car had just driven […]

Gettin’ Nekkid in Kentucky!

Timothy Smith (L) and David Daniels (R) mugshots

With temperatures edging just over a hundred, a Kentucky man figured the only thing to do was to strip down, run into a packed store, and pour milk over his sweaty body. It may have cooled him down, but it also resulted in two men being arrested. According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, two […]

Florida Woman Strips Naked in Dunkin’ Donuts on a Dare

Shakara Martin mugshot

A Florida woman stripped naked and sat outside a Dunkin’ Donuts based on a dare, authorities said. Shakara Martin, 32, was arrested March 1, 2015 in Greenacres near West Palm Beach after getting naked. She told police the nudity was a requirement of her pledging a dance troop. Donut customers offered clothes to the woman several […]

Virginia Burglar Found Naked in Tanning Bed

Amey Malloy mugshot

A Virginia burglar who broke into several businesses was found sleeping inside a salon, lying naked in one of the tanning beds, authorities said. Joseph Carl Bryant, 33, is accused of breaking into an auto parts store and ending up in the tanning salon nearby after breaking a window on Jan. 3, according to Staunton […]

California Burglar Leaves Cellphone & License Inside Victim’s Home


SANTA ANA, CALIF. (Aug. 15, 2014 arrest) – A California burglar who stripped naked and climbed into bed with a sleeping victim was caught because he left his driver’s license at the home, authorities said. Jonathan Phan, 29, was arrested Aug. 15 in connection with a residential burglary in Santa Ana, police said. Authorities say Phan […]

Michigan Man Mows Lawn Naked, Neighbors Complain

Bobby Blodgett

BAY CITY, Mich. (June 13, 2014 arrest) A Michigan man was recently arrested for indecent exposure after neighbors complained about him stripping naked to moss his grass. Bobby Blodgett, 61, of Bay City, got area residents upset in May when he decided to cut his back yard in the nude.  A neighbor told officers that […]

Naked & High NJ Man Punches Cop, Steals Cruiser

Byron Neville

LINDENWOLD, N.J. (June 3, 2014) A naked, high man in South Jersey was arrested June 3 after allegedly punching a cop and trying to steal his police car. According to Lindenwold Police, an officer was interviewing two suspicious individuals outside an apartment complex when a naked male ran up to him and punched him in […]