Oregon Teacher Arrested for Sexting Student

An Oregon high school teacher was arrested after he gave a student an inappropriate homework assignment. Richard Fay asked for sexually-explicit pictures from a 17-year-old girl over the 2015/2016 school year at South Medford High School, police said. The student told police that she sent nude and clothed photos of herself to Fay at his request, […]

High School Football Coach Sends Porn to Players in Colorado

A Colorado high school football coach was arrested on March 13, 2015 for sending pornography to the students who played for his team. Louis Rau, 46, thought it was a good idea to send his players sexually-explicit, nude photos over the last four years, according to the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. Even worse: He also sent sex […]

Volunteer Cheer Coach Accused of Sexting with Minor

Give me a J! Give me an A! Give me an I! Give me an L! Volunteer Cheer Coach Robert Parks was spelling JAIL after allegedly sexting a 14-year-old girl in Oregon. Salem authorities say the 25-year-old was arrested in December, 2014 on accusations he sent nude photos of himself to a 14-year-old girl. Parks, a volunteer […]