Ohio Man Creates Fake Police Facebook Page

Anthony C. Novak mugshot

An Ohio man was arrested for creating a fake Facebook page for the Parma Police Department. Anthony C. Novak, 27, was charged with disrupting public services, a felony. The Facebook page was created on March 2, 2016 and caught the eye of the police department. The agency worked with officials at Facebook to determine who created […]

Wanted Man Arrested While Seeking Job at Police Station

John Rose mugshot

  A Michigan man who was wanted for sex charges in another state was popped while applying for a job at a sheriff’s department. John Wesley Rose, 25, initially applied in September 2015 for a job as officer with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. As part of the process, the agency conducted a background check and […]

Florida Woman Pepper Sprays Cop Who is Pepper Spraying Her Friend

Christina Aiken mugshot

A Winter Garden woman was arrested on July 1, 2015 after pepper spraying an officer there to control a neighborhood fight. Christina Aiken, 40, was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. An officer responded to a neighborhood to investigate a call about a fight. Officers arrived to a group […]

Indiana Police Recruit Ruins Chances at Job with DUI Arrest

Wesley Ryder mugshot

A police recruit in Indiana ruined his chances at permanent employment by getting arrested for drunk driving last week, authorities said. Wesley Ryder, a police recruit with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, faces termination after his June 4, 2015 arrest. He was stopped by state police while driving the wrong way on Interstate 465! In fact, […]

Texas Woman Arrested After Bringing Meth to Police Department

Stephanie Brown mugshot

A Texas woman went to her local police department March 10, 2015 to speak about a neighborhood disturbance. And she brought her meth along! Stephanie Shalice Brown, 21, entered the Bellmead Police Department that Tuesday to discuss an argument in which she was pushed by someone else. But officers couldn’t help but notice Brown was nervous and […]

Oklahoma Drunk Driver Rear-Ends Police Car in Restaurant Drive-Thru

Stacy Harris mugshot

An Oklahoma City woman was arrested  for allegedly hitting an officer’s patrol car while driving drunk through the McDonald’s drive-thru. Stacey Harris, 31, rear-ended the patrol vehicle while behind him in the drive-thru Thursday, February 19, 2015.  The cop got out and asked the woman if she had been drinking. “Three or four beers,” Harris […]

San Diego Woman Steals Police Car & Leads Cops on Chase


SAN DIEGO (Aug. 15, 2014 arrest) – A San Diego woman took advantage of a police officer’s mistake and stole his police SUV. Felicitas Flores, 22, was caught on video stealing the vehicle on Aug. 15. The video shows what happened: Flores first spots the police vehicle parked in the East Village neighborhood and walks over […]

Idaho Suspect Jumps into Golf-Course Pond to Avoid Arrest

Nathan McCoy photo

ADA COUNTY, Idaho (July 23, 2014 arrest) – An Idaho man really tried the patience of police last week after jumping into a golf-course pond to avoid arrest. It took them 30 minutes, but Ada County deputies eventually fished out 21-year-old Nathan McCoy and arrested him. The incident, on July 23, began when McCoy told deputies that a woman had violated a no-contact order […]

Drunk Florida Woman Confuses Police Car for Cab

Heather McKean

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (June 29, 2014 arrest) A drunk Florida woman tried to use a police car as a taxi cab in June. Heather McKean, 29, of St. Petersburg, stepped into the back seat of a police cruiser that stopped at an intersection about 1 in the morning on June 30. The officer. who was […]