Sentenced: Oregon Burglar Who Was Found Sitting on Toilet

A Portland burglar who was found sitting on a toilet by the homeowner was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime. Ryan Allen Cain, 35, told the Oregon judge that he was on a three-day meth binge and didn’t remember dropping his pants and shoes at the victim’s back door before breaking into […]

Oregon Woman Throws Salad Bar Tongs at Restaurant Worker

    An Oregon woman was arrested in May 2015 after throwing a set of salad-bar thongs at a restaurant employee who told her to stop using her hands to get food.   Lori Waltman, 49, was reportedly using her hands to get food from the salad bar at Tecos Mexican restaurant in Portland, authorities […]

Woman Arrested in Boston Marathon Scam for Claiming Foot Injuries in Bombing

A scam artist was captured in Maine and faces charges of submitting medical claims for more $20,000 for injuries she never suffered at the Boston Marathon bombings. Amey Malloy, 49, of Portland, was arrested Jan. 14 on charges of larceny and attempted larceny. Authorities say the woman collected $8,000 from One Fund in July 2013 […]

Oregon Man Arrested for ‘Karate-Kicking’ Police Horse

PORTLAND, Ore. (July 9, 2014 arrest) It’s hard to hurt a horse. But an Oregon man gave it a good try July 9, using a karate-kick on the police horse in Portland. The horse seemed unfazed by the dumb assault, which is no surprise since “Olin” had the man outweighed by about 1,000 pounds. Witnesses say […]