Idaho Suspect Jumps into Golf-Course Pond to Avoid Arrest

ADA COUNTY, Idaho (July 23, 2014 arrest) — An Idaho man really tried the patience of police last week after jumping into a golf–course pond to avoid arrest. It took them 30 minutes, but Ada County deputies eventually fished out 21-year-old Nathan McCoy and arrested him. The incident, on July 23, began when McCoy told deputies that a woman had violated a no-contact order […]

Florida Couple Makes False Report of Kidnapping to Hide Drug Purchases

SARASOTA CO, FL (May 12, 2014) —  This is a case of crackheads doing crackhead stuff. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported that a couple was arrested last week for falsely reporting that they were kidnapping and forced at gunpoint to make purchases on a stolen debit card. Last Monday (May 12), 37-year-old William Clifford […]

Driving Drunk & Reporting Crimes in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, LA (May 11, 2014) — Police really like it when you follow their commands. They especially like it when following their commands gets a dumb crook busted. On May 11 Baton Rouge police got one of their easiest collars of the year when an intoxicated man showed up at the station and inadvertently […]