Houston Cops Arrest ‘Cookie Monster’ Robber in Multiple Hold-Ups

  A man known as the “Cookie Monster robber” was arrested by Houston-area police in connection with holdups at more than 30 restaurants. Authorities say Eugene Bradshaw would often demand a cookie in addition to the cash he took from the Houston-area fast-food places. Bradshaw, 24, and accomplice Kristy George, 34, were arrested on Nov. […]

Florida Dummy Caught with Smartphone After Taking Selfie

ORMOND BEACH, FLA. (Aug. 19, 2014 incident) — A Florida man who swiped a phone from a restaurant hostess was later caught when his girlfriend took a selfie of them with the stolen smartphone. The photo showing suspect Bryce Dolph was automatically uploaded from the smartphone to the victim’s computer, and Ormond Beach police used the […]

Nebraska Man Keeps Stealing ATMs & Never Gets Cash

OMAHA, NEBRASKA (Aug. 13, 2014 arrest) — A Nebraska man has been busted for his repeated attempts to steal ATMs, but police say the idiot had no successful plan to retrieve the cash from inside the machines. Larry Gordon was arrested last Aug. 13 in connection with at least three attempted ATM burglaries in 2014. Gordon […]