Texas Bank Robber Identified by Her Big Lips

Michelle Crawford mughshot and photo

An Austin bank robber was identified by her big lips and common use of wigs, according to Texas authorities. Michelle Jean Crawford, 45, is accused of robbing the Wells Fargo bank on Monday, May 2, 2016. She dressed in a black sweater, black skirt, plastic gloves, brown wig, large sunglasses and large black purse. The […]

McDonald’s Customer Arrested for Pouring Soda in Water Cup

Cody Morris mugshot

An Arkansas teenager was arrested at a McDonald’s  (April 18, 2016) for pouring soda into a free water cup. Apparently, they take that stuff seriously in Springdale. Cody Morris, 18, was charged with robbery for committing that brazen crime. According to police, the teen and two friends ordered three large waters in the drive-thru lane, but then […]

Florida Brother & Sister Steal Hundreds from Girl Scout

Delbrugge Winters

Florida siblings were busted for stealing cash from a Girl Scout who was selling cookies outside a Walmart store. Nicholas Delbrugge, 20, and sister Ashley Winters, 25, were arrested March 2, 2016 by police who were armed with video of the heartless theft. The 12-year-old girl who was selling cookies told New Smyrna Beach police that […]

Ohio Man Bank Robber Found Hiding in Trunk of Getaway Car

LIston Watson mugshot

An Ohio man who wore a Gladiator mask during a bank robbery was caught hiding in the trunk of the getaway car. Not smart. Liston N. Watson, 33, was wanted for a bank robbery in Deerfield Township. He was found Oct. 16, 2015 in the trunk of the car he allegedly fled from the bank robbery in, […]

A Bunch of Bull in Alabama

Brad Hemby mugshot

An Alabama robbery suspect ran into a serious side of beef  while allegedly fleeing from police. Authorities in Arab, Alabama, said that on July 1, 2015 Brad Lynn Hemby, 26, and a female accomplice were robbing a house when the homeowner caught them and chased them out. They hopped in their Chevrolet truck and were chased by […]

Philadelphia Man Robs Bank…Twice

Keith Ney mugshot

A Philadelphia man robbed a bank in New Jersey four months after being released from prison for robbing the same bank five years earlier. Keith Ney, 54, was sentenced back in 2010 to an almost five-year prison stint for robbing a Citizens Bank branch in Philadelphia and the Cape Bank in New Jersey. Ney was […]

Florida Man Robs Facebook Friend

Quincy  “Jtown Marley” McGee mugshot

Facebook is good for reuniting with high school buds and keeping in touch with distant relatives. Evidently, the social media site is also a pretty handy crime gadget as well.  When a Florida woman was robbed at gunpoint, she used Facebook to track down the thief. According to Palm Beach County investigators, the robbery occurred on […]

Missouri Woman Uses Stun Gun on Security Guard After Shoplifting Bed Sheets

Haley Wilson mugshot

A Missouri shoplifter came armed with a pretty unique escape plan: use a taser on the store’s security guard. Haley Morgan Wilson, 22, of Winfield, Mo., is accused of stealing $200 bed sheets from the J.C. Penney store at Mid Rivers Mall on May 11, 2015. When a security officer tried to stop her, she […]

Niskayuna Burglar Pays with His Face in Confrontation with Homeowner

Mark Snare mugshot

A New York homeowner made a burglar pay for breaking into his home, beating up the man while calling 911 on his cellphone and chasing the suspect, authorities said. The homeowner, math teacher Jason Adams of Niskayuna, arrived at his home last Tuesday afternoon while 54-year-old Mark Snare was inside and a tussle followed. Snare […]

Homeowner Shoots Christmas Burglar in Califonia

Jeremy William Bell

A California homeowner shot a Christmas-morning Grinch who broke into his home to burglarize the place, authorities said. Homeowner Nathaniel Blair of Anaheim Hills had just exchanged gifts with his wife and had gone out to move his truck when he encountered a man in a ski mask inside his home. The intruder, identified as […]