Lady Dressed as Santa Arrested on Black Friday for Walmart Protests

A woman dressed as Santa was arrested on Black Friday for protesting Walmart wages outside a California Walmart. Michelle Pariset was among 300 demonstrators who marched outside a Sacramento store on that day in November 2014. Walmart reps says they offer competitive pay, averaging around $12 an hour. Here is Pariset’s story in her own […]

California Burglar Leaves Cellphone & License Inside Victim’s Home

SANTA ANA, CALIF. (Aug. 15, 2014 arrest) — A California burglar who stripped naked and climbed into bed with a sleeping victim was caught because he left his driver’s license at the home, authorities said. Jonathan Phan, 29, was arrested Aug. 15 in connection with a residential burglary in Santa Ana, police said. Authorities say Phan […]