Shoplifter Stuffs Cartload of Loot in Skinny Jeans

A Tennessee shoplifter gave himself away by trying to stuff $300 worth of hygiene products down a pair of skinny jeans, authorities said. Gary Johnson, 27, was tackled inside the Memphis Kroger store in May 2016 when they saw him trying to smuggle out a cartload of stuff in his pants, according to police. His […]

Arizona Shoplifter is Abandoned by Getaway Driver

An Arizona shoplifter with $2,000 of merchandise in his Walmart cart had nowhere to put his stolen loot after his getaway driver left him Tuesday (March 8, 2016). But Mesa police were waiting for him and happy to give him a ride. Terrance Crowley had gone to the store with two friends who waited for […]

Florida Shoplifter Leaves Behind Cell Phone & Pee

  A heavy-duty shoplifter made off with thousands in merchandise from outlet stores but left behind her cell phone and a puddle of urine, according to Florida authorities. It was just enough evidence to track her down. Brooke Amber Sutton, 27, was arrested Jan. 29, 2016 and charged with felony retail theft. Cops recovered $2,100 in […]

Walmart Shoplifter Uses Cart as Weapon in Getaway Attempt

A Florida shoplifter used a shopping cart in an attempt to escape with a stolen Xbox controller from a Walmart store. Phenerde Ulysse, 23, of West Palm Beach, was arrested Nov. 15, 2015 after taking the controller from a Greenacres Wal-Mart. A loss prevention officer tried to stop him, but the suspect shoved a shopping cart at […]

Indiana Shoplifter Steals Police Cruiser & Gets Ratted Out by Relative

  An Indiana shoplifter drove away in the arresting officer’s cruiser but was caught quickly when a relative ratted her out. Heather Johnson, 21, was cuffed in the back seat of a Lawrence police cruiser parked at local Walmart where she has stolen electronics, police say. When the arresting officer went to get something from […]

Missouri Woman Uses Stun Gun on Security Guard After Shoplifting Bed Sheets

A Missouri shoplifter came armed with a pretty unique escape plan: use a taser on the store’s security guard. Haley Morgan Wilson, 22, of Winfield, Mo., is accused of stealing $200 bed sheets from the J.C. Penney store at Mid Rivers Mall on May 11, 2015. When a security officer tried to stop her, she […]

Shoplifter Fail in Texas as Man Shouts: ‘Don’t Chase Me! I’ve Got AIDS!’

A Texas shoplifter spit on a security officer and claimed he had AIDS as he tried to escape after stealing from a Macy’s store, authorities said. Rodrigo Rivas Garcia III, 41, was charged with robbery Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Police in McAllen responded to a robbery in progress at the Macy’s in La Plaza Mall. That’s […]

Connecticut Shoplifter Caught After Hiding in Pre-School Dumpster

A Connecticut shoplifter was caught by police after hiding in a pre-school dumpster, authorities said. Heisze Chan, 36, of Stamford, was arrested after fleeing from CVS store in Greenwich on April 14, 2015. She tried to hide in a dumpster at Gateway Preschool and was subsequently found in a pile of trash. Officers went to […]

Penn. Shoplifter Taken Down by Elderly Man, 75

An elderly man helped take down a Pennsylvania shoplifter on February 7 and threatened to break the suspect’s arm if he didn’t stop fighting. Jonathan Fekete Jr., 29, stole $200 worth of shirts from the Macy’s at the Washington Crown Center mall, police say. A security guard was struggling with the suspect when 75-year-old former […]

Georgia Shoplifter Caught Thanks to His Own 911 Call

A Georgia shoplifter was caught when he called 911 on two Walmart security officers who were trying to stop him. Alfonso Aguilar called 911 to report “thugs were trying to take him.” Those thugs were actually loss prevention officers trying to stop him from stealing on Jan. 25, police said. Aguilar called 911 after running […]