Florida Man Shoots Dogs For Annoying Him

Pet lovers across Florida are yapping mad at a dog killer who became annoyed with his girlfriend’s father’s Chihuahuas and shot them. Kyle Santos, 19, of Palm Springs, became impatient with the behavior of two Chihuahuas, so he dug a ditch and threw the dogs in before shooting them, authorities said. One dog died immediately […]

N.C. Mother Shoots Intruder While Breastfeeding

A North Carolina crook picked the wrong house to burglarize. Reco Latur Dawkins Jr. and an accomplice kicked in the door of a woman’s Charlotte home on Nov. 3, 2015 as she was breastfeeding her baby, authorities say. They shot her, but the former National Guard member grabbed a gun and shot back, scaring the men […]

‘Good Samaritan’ Pastor Lied About Shooting & Robbery in Virginia

A Virginia pastor was lying when he told police he had been robbed and shot by a multi-racial couple after he stopped to help them with car trouble, authorities said. Pastor George Hunley, of Louisa, Virginia, has been charged with making false statements to police. On February 5, 2105 the pastor called police to report being […]