Dumb Crook Gets Choked for Smiling in Mugshot

  A dumb crook in Texas got choked by two deputies who were trying to make the suspect stop smiling for his mugshot. But DUI suspect Christopher Johnson may get the last laugh. With the mugshot as proof, the 38-year-old suspect is suing the Harris County sheriff’s department for the mugshot assault. According to the […]

Texas Bank Robber Identified by Her Big Lips

An Austin bank robber was identified by her big lips and common use of wigs, according to Texas authorities. Michelle Jean Crawford, 45, is accused of robbing the Wells Fargo bank on Monday, May 2, 2016. She dressed in a black sweater, black skirt, plastic gloves, brown wig, large sunglasses and large black purse. The […]

New Mexico College Kid Passes Out in Stranger’s House

Talk about drunk! A college student was so wasted last month that he wandered into the wrong house in New Mexico. Then he passed out in front of the bed occupied by a sleeping 7-year-old girl, according to Sante Fe officials.. Garrett Curran, 22, was still unconscious when the girl woke up March 26, 2016 and […]

Drug Suspect Gets Revenge in Mugshot After Resisting Arrest

In his mugshot, Jacob Cunningham made it clear what he thought about his arrest for drugs and resisting arrest. The 38-year-old suspect stuck his tongue out at Texas jailers, and they snapped the photo. Cunningham was a passenger in a car pulled over on March 1, 2016 in a routine traffic stop in Houston. The suspect […]

Texas Man with Full Face Tattoo Beats Pregnant Girlfriend

  He’s got a face only a mother could love – and even that’s questionable. Jacob Pauda was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. Authorities say the Lubbock couple were at the man’s home Feb. 8, 2016 when he accused her of cheating and questioned whether the child was his. She denied […]

Texas Deputy Charged with DUI – While on Duty!

A Texas deputy was arrested Friday (Jan. 29, 2016) by his own department for driving drunk – while he was on duty! Bastrop County Deputy Fred Ensinger’s problems began when he was heard slurring his words while talking to dispatchers. They called the deputy’s supervisors and said they were not making sense. So a sergeant […]

Texas Meth Suspect Wears Anti-Drug T-Shirt in Mugshot

Meth suspect Adrian Pounders was pictured in his mugshot with an anti-drug T-shirt that reads, “Don’t Meth With Me.” Isn’t it ironic? The Texas man was taken into custody when Crockett police raised his home on Jan. 3, 2016. Cops had been tipped off that illegal drugs were located in the home and they recovered […]

Houston Cops Arrest ‘Cookie Monster’ Robber in Multiple Hold-Ups

  A man known as the “Cookie Monster robber” was arrested by Houston-area police in connection with holdups at more than 30 restaurants. Authorities say Eugene Bradshaw would often demand a cookie in addition to the cash he took from the Houston-area fast-food places. Bradshaw, 24, and accomplice Kristy George, 34, were arrested on Nov. […]

Texas Mother Gives Pot & Booze to Middle-Schoolers at Sleepover

  A Texas mother provided alcohol and marijuana to eight middle-schoolers at a sleepover in November, 2015, authorities said. Mandy Wells got caught when two of the kids posed for an Instagram photo with a Hello Kitty pipe. The woman asked the children to delete the photo but she was too late since one of […]

Texas Cops Arrest Adorable Drug Kingpin

A Texas teenager is being called the happiest drug dealer ever. Just look at 19-year-old Sarah Furay’s mugshot, taken Nov. 6, 2015 after cops raided her apartment and found a ton of drugs. She looks a little too happy, doesn’t she? In College Station, Texas, cops responded to complaints she was dealing drugs from her apartment and […]