Shoplifter Stuffs Cartload of Loot in Skinny Jeans

Gary Johnson mugshot

A Tennessee shoplifter gave himself away by trying to stuff $300 worth of hygiene products down a pair of skinny jeans, authorities said. Gary Johnson, 27, was tackled inside the Memphis Kroger store in May 2016 when they saw him trying to smuggle out a cartload of stuff in his pants, according to police. His […]

Two California Women Take the Bait & Get Hooked by Police

Devon Mendendez and Unique Rios mugshots

California authorities used a law enforcement trick to help bring down two serious criminals: a GPS-equipped decoy package. The “bait package” was swiped from a location in southeast Arcadia near Los Angeles, taken by suspects Devon Mendendez, 21, and Unique Rios, 19, and the women were later stopped in a stolen car. Just before the […]

Ohio Woman Keeps Stealing Tip Jars in Restaurants

Stephanie Eshack mugshot

Ohio authorities are looking for a repeat offender who likes to steal tip jars from local businesses. Westlake police say that 29-year-old Stephanie Eshack was caught on camera grabbing tip jars from the counters at a Starbucks and a Jersey Mike’s during the month of March 2016. Now, police are asking for tips on her […]

Florida Man Tries to Buy BMW with Food Stamps

Nicholas Jackson

A Florida man got declined when he tried to buy a BMW with a credit card and his food stamp money. But Nicholas Jackson was so determined that he returned to the dealership after closing and stole the $60,000 vehicle, authorities said. Authorities say the 36-year-old suspect showed up at the Pompano Beach dealership with […]

Florida Woman Steals Botox Treatment

Nicole Brown mugshot

A Florida woman received Botox and other cosmetic procedures at two doctor’s offices and then left without paying for the services, authorities said. According to St. Petersburg Police, Nicole Brown had 37 units of Botox and Juvederm injections performed that she didn’t pay for. The procedures totaled nearly $1,000. After the procedure, the 31-year-old woman […]

New York Grinch Steals Lollipop Lights from House

Tiffany Fischer mugshot

  A New York woman was caught on a residential surveillance camera stealing the homeowner’s lollipop ornaments. Tiffany C. Fischer, 31, of Island Park, was identified and arrested at her home Monday (Dec. 14, 2015).  She was charged with petty larceny, according to Nassau County police. Officers first thought it was a man who stole […]

Florida Pair Trash Stranger’s Home for ‘Jail Release’ Party

Jaquel Fleming  and Keilow Roundtree mugshots

  An ex-con from Florida celebrated his release from prison by breaking into a stranger’s house and throwing wild parties, according to authorities. Jaquel Fleming, 18, and friend Keilow Roundtree, 23, were found by the homeowner on Nov. 4, 2015,  sleeping in the victim’s bed in Lakeland.  Cops say they had been partying in the […]

N.Y. Cops Trick Identity Thief Into Returning for Rental Car Bust

Carl Black mugshot

New York cops fooled an identity thief in returning to a rental car place to claim his bag of fake IDs! Port Authority police arrested 33-year-old Carl Black Thursday (Oct. 8, 2015) once he returned to Enterprise rental to claim the bag of forged driver’s licenses and credit cards that he left in one of […]

Burglar Caught Passed Out on Couch Surrounded by Empty Beer Bottles & Chicken Bones

Jacob Miller mugshot

A Florida man was arrested after being caught when the family came home to find him passed out on the couch surrounded by a feast. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reports that Jacob Miller, 22, was found asleep in a Lake Worth Home in South Florida by the homeowners as they returned from a […]

Florida Woman Uses Stolen Identity for Plastic Surgery

Melanie Young mugshot

A Seminole County woman was arrested in July 2015 after racking up nearly $20,000 in plastic surgery bills paid for by another woman’s stolen identity. The suspect, Melanie Young, used the card at two clinics in the Orlando area and was nabbed as she left an appointment. The victim, who did not know Young, noticed […]