New Hampshire Suspect Wags Tongue for Jailers

A young man in New Hampshire is getting more attention than most criminal suspects after he wagged his tongue in his June 12th,  2016 mugshot. Sam Tulley, 21, of Londonderry, was arrested for criminal mischief for allegedly spray painting in the Musquash Conservation Area, which is a large wooded area consisting of numerous wetlands. It is […]

Drug Suspect Gets Revenge in Mugshot After Resisting Arrest

In his mugshot, Jacob Cunningham made it clear what he thought about his arrest for drugs and resisting arrest. The 38-year-old suspect stuck his tongue out at Texas jailers, and they snapped the photo. Cunningham was a passenger in a car pulled over on March 1, 2016 in a routine traffic stop in Houston. The suspect […]

Ohio Man Responds to Own Mugshot on Facebook

When a crazy mugshot of an Ohio suspect turned up on a police department’s Facebook page, the man took the opportunity to defend himself. Willie Tatum III stuck out his tongue during his November 2014 booking session and Columbus Police posted it on their social media page. They told Facebook fans that Tatum had been arrested […]