Pennsylvania Man Fights Brother Over Bic Macs

  A Pennsylvania man went on a “Mac Attack” after his brother would not share the delicious side of beef. Thomas Veres, 47, was arrested Wednesday morning August 12, 2015 after allegedly punching his older brother for scarfing down three Bic Macs and not hooking up his sibling. Veres’ brother returned just after midnight after hitchhiking about […]

Maine Burglar Reveals His Secret Hiding Spot on Snapchat

A Maine burglary suspect was finally caught by police in March 2015 after being dumb enough to reveal his hiding spot on Snapchat. Christopher Wallace, 24, posted his location on the phone app and his fellow Snapchatters ratted him out to cops. According to authorities, Wallace stole several stoves from a camp in Maine’s Pierce Pond Township […]

Police Search for Man Who Steals Breast Pumps

New Jersey authorities are looking for a serial shoplifter who steals breast pumps. The man was caught Dec. 1 on surveillance at Burlington Coat Factory in Brick Township, N.J., where he tried to steal three Madela Freestyle Breast Pumps worth over $300 each. A store employee stopped the man outside but the shoplifter dropped the […]