Massachusetts Woman Attacks Neighbor with Snow Blower

A Massachusetts woman attacked a neighbor with a handheld snow blower, landing her in jail right in the middle of “The Blizzard of 2015.” Barbara Davis, 61, of Arlington, was arrested after police responded to the assault on Jan. 27. The victim suffered cuts to her foot, allegedly caused by her 60-year-old neighbor. The victim […]

Georgia Shoplifter Caught Thanks to His Own 911 Call

A Georgia shoplifter was caught when he called 911 on two Walmart security officers who were trying to stop him. Alfonso Aguilar called 911 to report “thugs were trying to take him.” Those thugs were actually loss prevention officers trying to stop him from stealing on Jan. 25, police said. Aguilar called 911 after running […]

Florida Dad Rages At Driver After Mistaken Accident

A Florida man mistakenly thought another driver had rear-ended him, sending him into a rage that led him to pursue the man, crash into that man’s car and threaten his life with a gun. And the whole time, rage suspect Mark Edward Cook was driving with his 2-year-old daughter in the car. Authorities say Cook […]

Texas Woman Threatens a Stabbing Over Weak Corn Dog

MIDLAND, TX (Late April) — A West Texas woman was jailed late last month after police say she threatened store employees with a knife over a sub-standard corn dog. Police in Midland, Texas, said Charmelle Henry threw 75 cents at employees at a local restaurant and demanded a corn dog. When the 45 year old […]