Wisconsin Woman Wants Braids& Offers Pepper Spray Instead of Payment

A small group of Wisconsin hair stylists got pepper spray instead of payment from a woman whose hair they were braiding, authorities said. Jaleigha J. Williams, 18, was identified and arrested Dec. 7, 2015 for battery and retail theft. Police say the salon owner operates the business out of his apartment. He typically asks for payment […]

Serial Flasher Takes His Act to Dentist Office in N.C.

A North Carolina man with a long record of flashing his privates in unique places was charged Wednesday, March 25, 2015 with targeting a female dentist with his nudity. Registered sex offender Dea Williams allegedly exposed himself last week inside a dentist office in Gastonia, N.C., authorities said. He was being seen by a female dentist […]

Up-Skirter Nabbed in Florida Walmart, Calls it “Misunderstanding’

SANFORD, Fla. (July 17, 2014 arrest) — A Florida man caught sticking his flip-top camera phone underneath a woman’s skirt in July told police it was a “misunderstanding” and he had done “nothing wrong.” Perhaps John Henry Williams doesn’t understand something: Walmart has surveillance cameras of their own. The store’s cameras caught the 30-year-old perve […]