NY Woman Tapes ‘Judge Judy’ & Gets Busted for Stealing on Flight Home

A New York dummy lost her case on Judge Judy and then got arrested for stealing on the flight home after taping the TV show, authorities said. Melissa Perez, 26, of the Bronx, lost her case tried by Judge Judy, which is taped in California. She then returned home – but not before getting into trouble […]

New York Officer Manager Poses as Dentist & Pulls Teeth

The manager at a New York dental office posed as a dentist when her boss was away, pulling teeth and even giving a pregnant woman an unauthorized procedure, authorities say. Valbona Yzeiraj, 45, of White Plains, New York is accused of illegally performing a root canal, extractions and injections without a licensed dentist at her workplace. […]

Oklahoma Woman Steals Parrot in Front of Kids

An Oklahoma woman bird-napped a parrot from a pet store in St. Johns County Florida while in the store with her children, authorities said. Dawn Christine Griman, 47, of Ada, was seen entering Pet World and leaving with a white-eyed conure parrot valued at $600. The store owner caught the incident on camera, showing the suspect opening […]

N.Y. Graffiti Vandal Makes Arrest Easy by Painting His Name 22 Times

It wasn’t hard to catch a graffiti vandal in New York after the man spray-painted his name all over his girlfriend’s neighborhood almost two dozen times. Mohamed Rasul, 24, of Queens, was arrested February 6, 2015 for multiple counts of making graffiti and criminal mischief in the November 2104 incident. Police say the graffiti vandal — known […]

New York Woman Gets DUI After Applying for Driver Job

We don’t call them dumb crooks for nothing. Terri Murphy is our latest example after police say she applied for a “Meals on Wheels” job while drunk. The New York woman didn’t help her case  when she got arrested for DUI moments after applying for the job in December, 2014, according to Fort Edward authorities. According […]