Tennessee Man, 90, Tries to Bribe Pharmacist for Drugs

Edsel Bradford mugshot

Edsel Bradford mugshot

You almost have to feel sorry for him.

But Tennessee authorities were forced to arrest an elderly man after he tried to bribe a Walmart pharmacist for prescription drugs.

Edsel Bradford, 90, is accused of offering employees $100 for 10 hydrocodone pills. When they refused his offer, police say he then harassed customers at the Brainerd Walmart store in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The elderly man became furious and threatened to get a gun and start shooting people so he could get the pain medication, police said. He then continued to harass customers and offered to buy the pills from them, but no one agreed.

The suspect then went to the store’s deli, argued with an employee and threw things around the shop. When officers finally arrived, the old man was yelling, screaming and cursing at employees and customers in the store.

Cops tried to be nice and asked him what happened. But Bradford remained aggressive and tried to push past officers. He struggled when taken into custody.

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