Tennessee Woman Locked up for Not Mowing Lawn

Brittany Rhodes mugshot

Brittany Rhodes mugshot

A woman in Memphis spent the day in jail after being arrested on a warrant for a failure to cut high grass.

Brittany Rhodes’ family says her lawn has been taken care of and she never received a notice to appear in court.
Authorities say people go to jail once they miss a court date, but the family of the woman said they didn’t know the court date existed. Rhodes was picked up last month during a traffic stop on an warrant for failure to cut weeds or high grass.
Rhodes’ father said he mowed the grass two months before but had stopped for winter time. He maintains it was not overgrown.
The father said this type of arrest is a waste of police time.
“I think they have a lot of other crimes they could be dealing with besides grass,” he said.
Bond for the offense was set at $250.

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