Texas Bank Robber Identified by Her Big Lips

Michelle Crawford mughshot and photo

Michelle Crawford photo and mugshot

An Austin bank robber was identified by her big lips and common use of wigs, according to Texas authorities.

Michelle Jean Crawford, 45, is accused of robbing the Wells Fargo bank on Monday, May 2, 2016. She dressed in a black sweater, black skirt, plastic gloves, brown wig, large sunglasses and large black purse.

The robber demanded money from a teller through a handwritten note, demanding $50 and $100 bills and threatening use of a gun, police said. She got the cash and fled.

At first cops couldn’t even swear to the suspect’s gender because of the wig, but a probation officer saw the surveillance images on the news and called police to identify Crawford. He said he knew her from her big lips. He also said she frequently wore wigs and had been caught previously at a shoplifting at CVS Pharmacy.

Other witnesses at CVS agreed that Crawford had the big lips shown by the bank robber. Cops found Wells Fargo money straps, cash and a wig at her home and charged her with the bank robbery.

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