Texas College Student Drives Barbie Jeep After DUI Arrest

Tara Monroe and Barbie Jeep

Tara Monroe and Barbie Jeep

A college student in Texas reacted to her drunk-driving arrest by buying a Barbie Jeep and using it for transportation around campus.

Photos of Texas State student Tara Monroe riding around in the children’s Jeep have taken social media by storm. It seems the 20-year-old woman lost her license after a DUI arrest that occurred after a concert. She refused a Breathalyzer test and lost her license.

She also lost her car when her father found out.  Not wanting to ride a bicycle around campus, she saw a Craigslist ad for a battery-powered Barbie Jeep and bought it from a girl named Charlene for $60. She even named her pink Barbie Jeep “Charlene.”

Ever since then, classmates at the college began posting photos and videos of Monroe driving around the campus.

“We’re glad that she’s ok and her parents are taking the issue seriously. This is an example of some of the consequences that come with drinking under the legal age of 21. Fortunately it didn’t end in tragedy,” said Amy George, Mothers Against Drunk Driving senior vice president of marketing & communications.



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