Texas Man Threatens Police Officer & His Face Pays the Price

Jason Saucedo mugshot

Jason Saucedo mugshot

    A Texas man who retaliated against a police officer after a dispute outside Walmart eventually paid the price with a battered face and arrest, authorities said.

   Jason Saucedo, 32, of New Braunfels, is accused of threatening a police detective after a near-collision in a Walmart parking lot. The two men almost hit each other while driving Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at a gas station in the Walmart parking lot.

   The suspect confronted the officer and mentioned he was affiliated with a street gang. The detective identified himself as a cop and showed his badge. Authorities say Saucedo used his cellphone to take a picture of the license plate on the detective’s personal vehicle.

   That evening, 911 dispatchers took a call from a man who asked for the detective by name, told the dispatchers that the detective should check his mailbox. A note inside the officer’s mailbox referenced the confrontation between Saucedo and the detective and included a vague threat against the detective and his family, police said.

   Officers used surveillance video to identify the suspect and track him down at home Thursday. That’s when Saucedo reportedly struggled with cops and ended up with a messed-up face, which required a trip to the hospital before jail.

   Saucedo has been charged with retaliation and resisting arrest.

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