Texas Man Tries to Sell Someone Else’s Car on Craigslist

Arthur GoolsbyTEMPLE, TEXAS (Aug. 13, 2014 arrest) — A Texas man has been charged in a new Craigslist scheme where he simply advertised someone else’s car for sale and tried to collect a down payment from unsuspecting victims.
Arthur Goolsby, 27, was arrested Aug. 13 for the Internet sales scam in Temple, Texas, and he is wanted in Kentucky for the same crimes. He is charged with exploitation of an elderly individual.
The victim in the Texas case answered a Craigslist ad for a 1955 Chevrolet truck that Goolsby posted on Craigslist for $19,000. The suspect asked the 70-year-old victim for a $9,000 deposit, but the man offered just $5,000 and the rest after he got the vintage vehicle.
The victim deposited $5,000 on June 6 and Goolsby promised he would deliver the truck the next day. But he didn’t. And he stopped talking to the man.
But with the bank information, police were able to tie the idiot to the crime. Police say the truck doesn’t belong to Goolsby and that he had advertised it for sale on several other Internet sites.

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