Texas Man with Full Face Tattoo Beats Pregnant Girlfriend


Jacob Pauda mugshot

Jacob Pauda mugshot

He’s got a face only a mother could love – and even that’s questionable.

Jacob Pauda was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend.

Authorities say the Lubbock couple were at the man’s home Feb. 8, 2016 when he accused her of cheating and questioned whether the child was his. She denied cheating, but he attacked her anyway, punching her, chasing her around the house with a butcher knife and shoving her against several metal objects.

The suspect took his two sons and left before cops arrived, and the victim was treated for her injuries. She told cops her boyfriend had taken drugs before the attack.

The mugshot of Skull-face went viral. The tattoo is done in the style of a Mexican calavera, a skull-like drawing that marks the annual Day of the Dead celebrations every Nov. 1.


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