Texas Woman Calls About Poor Weed Quality

LUFKIN, TX (Mid April 2014) — Evelyn HamiltonPolice in East Texas arrested a woman earlier this month after she allegedly called 911 to complain about the bag of marijuana she had just bought from her dealer.

Sgt. David Casper of the Lufkin Police Dept. said an officer went to the home of Evelyn Hamilton, 37, to follow up a complaint that her dealer refused to return her money after she noticed the bag was not up to her standards.

Hamilton said she had spent $40 on a bag of “seeds and residue” and did not get any customer satisfaction when she called her dealer’s family and asked for a refund, reports said.

Casper said Hamilton pulled a small bag of marijuana from her bra when asked if she still had it.

Of course, Hamilton was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Her “dealer” was not investigated because no direct evidence linked him to the transaction, Casper said.

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