Texas Woman Threatens a Stabbing Over Weak Corn Dog

MIDLAND, TX (Late April) — Charmelle HenryA West Texas woman was jailed late last month after police say she threatened store employees with a knife over a sub-standard corn dog.

Police in Midland, Texas, said Charmelle Henry threw 75 cents at employees at a local restaurant and demanded a corn dog. When the 45 year old got her grub, she threw that back as well and demanded she get one that was not microwaved.

So they rustled her up another. That’s when employees noticed she had a pocket knife in her hand. Henry reportedly said she would “stab [them] in cold blood” unless she got a satisfactory corn dog.

As she waited, she began stabbing the counter with her knife. Police were called.

A K-9 unit had to subdue an “extremely agitated” Henry when she refused to follow orders, said reports.

Two witnesses told officers that before the incident Henry was talking to herself and was attempting to stop traffic. The witnesses said it appeared Henry grew frustrated, slammed her belongings on the ground and then entered the business.

Henry was charged on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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