Texas Woman Urinates on Officer Arresting Her Dad

ROSENBERG, TX (March 1, 2014) —

Keandra Harrison

Keandra Harrison

Nothing says “I hate you” like urine. But a Texas woman found out last week that you cannot express your feelings that way, especially to cops.

Rosenberg, TX, police were responding last Saturday night to a call involving an assault with a deadly weapon at an apartment complex. They arrived to find a man in a car holding a shotgun and arguing with a man in another car.

That’s when things got a little messy. Cops asked the man’s daughter to get out of the car and when they tried to arrest her, she allegedly urinated on one of them and began laughing.

They asked her if it was intentional and she said, “it sure was.”

Inside the car she and her father were in, officers found a loaded shotgun and a second weapon, reports said.

Her father was placed under arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Keandra Harrison, 21, was charged with harassment of a public servant and resisting arrest.

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