Two California Women Take the Bait & Get Hooked by Police

Devon Mendendez and Unique Rios mugshots

Devon Mendendez and Unique Rios mugshots

California authorities used a law enforcement trick to help bring down two serious criminals: a GPS-equipped decoy package.

The “bait package” was swiped from a location in southeast Arcadia near Los Angeles, taken by suspects Devon Mendendez, 21, and Unique Rios, 19, and the women were later stopped in a stolen car.

Just before the traffic stop, an alarm notified police that the GPS-equipped device had been taken from its location in the city and was moving. Cops tracked the package to the moving car, pulled it over and discovered the vehicle was stolen.

Inside the pair’s vehicle: the bait package and other items believed to be stolen, including credit cards, checks, identifications, social security cards and other personal identifying information, authorities said. Police also found drugs in the car.

Both women were charged with grand theft, receiving stolen property and more. Mendendez was already on probation for auto theft.


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