Utah Shoplifter Leaves Purse at Walmart

Celeste DangerfieldOLEM, Utah (July 9, 2014 arrest)
A Utah woman who tried to steal $1,800 in merchandise from a Walmart July 9 was easy to identify after leaving her purse in a shopping cart.
Celeste Dangerfield, 29, was stopped while pushing a cart full of merchandise into the parking lot without paying. Officers in Olem, Utah, responded after a store clerk asked the woman for her receipt as she was leaving the store.
The suspect didn’t have a receipt and claimed she was looking for her husband in order to pay for the items. Police say she then left the cart with the clerk and got into her car.
The clerk told arriving deputies that the woman appeared to be under the influence of something, which could explain why she left her purse and ID card in the shopping cart.
It also could explain where cops found Dangerfield: At the scene of a single-car accident.
Store employees requested that Dangerfield be charged with retail theft for passing all points of sale without paying for the items and exiting the store. She was arrested and booked on suspicion of retail theft.

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