Utah Woman Uses Bacon to Set Fire to Ex’s Home

VERNAL, UTAH (Aug. 27, 2014 hearing) — A Utah woman who’s been accused of using bacon to set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s home was ordered in August to stand trial.
Cameo CrispiCameo Adawn Crispi, 32, crossed her arms in court Aug. 27 as she waived her right to a preliminary hearing.
Authorities in the city of Vernal say the woman’s ex-boyfriend was not at home when she went there in March. Unable to find him, she began a ser
ies of texts and calls to his cell phone that led the victim to notify the police and tell them he didn’t want her in his home.
When police went to the man’s home, they saw smoke coming out and found Crispi highly intoxicated. They discovered a wood stove with the burner set to high. A pound of bacon was burning on a cookie sheet on top of the stove.
The fire was put out and Crispi was taken to the hospital with an intoxication level of .346 BAC, more than four times the legal limit for impairment in Utah.
“The doctor asked her about the fire … and she stated she was attempting to start a fire in the house to get back at (her ex-boyfriend),” the charges state.
She’s facing trial on charges of arson, burglary, assault and more.

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