Virginia Day Care Teacher Convicted of Operating ‘Baby Fight Club’

Sarah Jordan mugshot

Sarah Jordan mugshot

A former Virginia teacher has been convicted of turning her classroom into a “baby fight club.”

Sarah Jordan, 31, was found guilty of tripping the kids, stepping on their toes, spraying them with a hose and encouraging them to fight each other. Her school is located in Prince William County, Virginia.

A staff member complained about the woman’s actions and parents of the children quickly found out from police why  their toddlers had become unusually violent and fearful at home.

One father testified at trial that his daughter had stopped talking after going into Jordan’s care. Another said that Jordan and another accused teacher turned his child into the class bully and made him fight.

Jordan faces 40 years in prison when sentenced on 13 charges of child abuse. Sentencing is scheduled for May, 2016.

In her closing statement, the prosecutor told jurors that Jordan had “created a baby fight club” which caused untold damage to the minds of impressionable young children.


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