Walmart Shoplifter Uses Cart as Weapon in Getaway Attempt

Phenerde Ulysse mugshot

Phenerde Ulysse mugshot

A Florida shoplifter used a shopping cart in an attempt to escape with a stolen Xbox controller from a Walmart store.

Phenerde Ulysse, 23, of West Palm Beach, was arrested Nov. 15, 2015 after taking the controller from a Greenacres Wal-Mart. A loss prevention officer tried to stop him, but the suspect shoved a shopping cart at the employee and knocked him over.

“I want this stuff!” Ulysse reportedly yelled.

The suspect then slammed the cart into a candy shelf, shocking customers. It also drew the attention of three Walmart employees, who surrounded Ulysse and held him for police.

Ulysse was charged with two counts of larceny and two unrelated counts of child abuse without great bodily harm.

The loss prevention officer suffered a 1-inch cut and bruising to his wrist.


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