Wanna-Be Burglar Gets Stuck in Chimney in Iowa … Naked!

Jordan Kajewski mugshot

Jordan Kajewski mugshot

An Iowa man was naked when he got caught in the chimney of a recycling business last week, authorities said.

Jordan Kajewski, 29, claimed he was playing hide and seek with his cousin Wednesday (May 18, 2016) when the accident happened, according to authorities..

The business owner told his wife he was hearing ghosts while sorting cans at the Carroll Redemption Center. After eight hours passed, the business owner heard a voice shouting for help and begging him not to call the cops.

Firefighters came and hammered a hole in the chimney to get the man out of it, and he was discovered to be naked with soot all over him. He had his clothes with him, they just weren’t on his body!

Kajewski was charged with trespassing.

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