Wanna-Be Rapist Cries Like a Baby in Mugshot

Anthony J. Zingale mugshot

Anthony J. Zingale mugshot

A Wisconsin teen accused of trying to rape a woman at a party was pictured crying like a baby after his arrest.

Anthony J. Zingale, 19, of Plymouth, is accused of getting drunk May 28, 2016, dropping his pants and walking into a bathroom where the victim was using. He then threatened to cut the woman if she didn’t have sex with him, police said.

The scared woman told Zingale that they needed to move to the bedroom and then screamed when the armed teen moved out of the bathroom, authorities said.

When police came, Zingale had his hands behind his back, ready for them to handcuff him.  He told police he was with his mother at the party, which was hosted by the victim and her husband. The teen denied the attempted rape.

Zingale was charged with first degree sexual assault and for carrying a concealed weapon. He faces 40 years in prison if convicted.


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