Woman Arrested in Boston Marathon Scam for Claiming Foot Injuries in Bombing

Amey Malloy mugshot

Amey Malloy mugshot

A scam artist was captured in Maine and faces charges of submitting medical claims for more $20,000 for injuries she never suffered at the Boston Marathon bombings.

Amey Malloy, 49, of Portland, was arrested Jan. 14 on charges of larceny and attempted larceny.
Authorities say the woman collected $8,000 from One Fund in July 2013 using a detailed and notarized claim that she had foot surgery for injuries suffered in the April 2013 bombings. Police say she submitted extensive medical records with her claim.
One Fund distributed financial help to victims of the marathon bombings based on donations it received.
But Malloy got greedy. In July 2014, Malloy sent a second claim for “surgery on her hip” to correct damages caused by her injured foot. Officials at One Fund got suspicious and opened an investigation.
Authorities discovered that both claims were based on fake medical records. In fact, Malloy had not been treated for any of the injuries she claimed to have suffered, police said.

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